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Author: rebellionmt

Weapons of Muaythai: Sweeps

In the latest of our series, Weapons of Muaythai we take a look at the Sweeping techniques of Muaythai/Thaiboxing. Performed in the clinch, as a counter to a caught kick or simply as a cleverly times manoeuvre against a forward pressure fighter, the sweeps can be used to show dominance and to upset the rhythm of the...

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Weapons of Muaythai: Low Kicks

Weapons of Muaythai Series: Low Kicks Whilst many people who know of Muaythai without a deep knowledge overestimate the prevalence of Low Kick in Muaythai, the technique does feature as an effective attack and on many occasions has ended bouts via stoppage. Whilst most Muaythai fighters use the Body Kick more frequently, some gyms in particular (such as Sitmonchai) do have a reputation for their strong low kicking...

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Weapons of Muaythai: Elbow

Weapons of Muaythai Series: Elbow – “Sok” One of the 8 offensive weapons of the art of Muaythai, the elbow is one of the attacks that set Muaythai apart from other stand-up combat sports. An awesome close range weapon, a well placed and timed elbow can end the fight via a cut or a clean...

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