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Rebellion Muaythai 16

Weigh in details:

Friday, August 18.

Arrival Time: By 6:45 PM – Allow for Friday Night Traffic. The Weigh ins are recorded and streamed, don’t be late and keep everyone waiting. Late arrival to the weigh ins may attract a penalty deduction from your fight purse of up to 25%.

Location: Melbourne Parkview Hotel – 562 St Kilda Road Melbourne. (Enter Via Roy Street).

Please make sure that all requirements for registration with combat sports board have been completed by August 11. Your fight may be scraped if you have not completed your registration by this date. All info for Victorian fighters is available and the instructions must be followed exactly as per the instructions for contestants section.

All tickets/money must be brought to weigh ins.

All fighters competing in the official “Rebellion 100% Muaythai” shorts, no compression shorts to be worn underneath.

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