A Man Who Doesn't Quit vs A Man Possessed

A Man Who Doesn't Quit vs A Man Possessed

The action is on at the Melbourne Pavillion. Roots: Lively Yourself Up takes place on March 4th. The lineup is incredible. The Main event sees an international match up of Spring Sia versus Thestar Sit Chor.
Spring Sia vs Thestar Sitchor
For Promoter Sy Nadji, he’s excited about an interstate match up. Usually, Nadji doesn’t fly in two athletes from different parts of Australia. But this fight should be a barn burner.
Meeka Michael of The Pit will take on Joshua Itzkovich at 76kg.
Meeka Michael vs Josh Itzkovich
“The guys at The Pit are saying that Michael is going to be the best middleweight in the country soon,” Nadji said. “He’s had one questionable loss to a very experienced opponent.”
It’s a well known fact that the fighters from The Pit don’t quit. They are tough as. Michael will need all that grit from The Pit as he takes on Itzkovich from Strongheart gym.
“Josh’s first outing on Roots, he won by knock out in the first round in the first minute,” Jordan Fielding owner of Strongheart gym said. “In his second fight, he won the best fight of the night.”
You can check out Itzkovich’s past performance at Roots here.
“Itzkovich is a psychopath who fights like a man possessed,” Nadji said. “It’s 9 minutes of absolute carnage. In one bout he must have kicked his opponent eight times in a row. He was trying to break the guy’s arm.”
Something is going to break on March 4th. Make sure to tune in to see who snaps first, Meeka Michael or Joshua Itzkovich. 

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