Alfie Smith Wins Jordan Coe Award

Alfie Smith Wins Jordan Coe Award

There are moments of brilliance in the game. Lights that shine so bright people never forget. Jordan Coe was one of those. And recently Alfie Smith of Bloodshed Muay Thai did the same.

(You can watch Jordan Coe vs Josh Tonna here)

The Queensland fighter lit up the stage with his performance. He took on Melbourne athlete Tim Nguyen in a bout that went shy of five rounds.

Alfie Smith vs Tim Nguyen
Smith was able to knock him down in the third with knees.

“I knew he's a big puncher, so I was planning on using the knees a lot,” Smith said. “I would time my knees with his punches.”

The classic tactic sapped power out of Nguyen. In the last round Nguyen was able to deliver a bomb. Smith went down due to a hand and a knee to the head.

Alfie Smith vs Tim Nguyen
“After that knockdown, I was a hundred percent fine,” Smith said. “It's fair for the call, but I thought I was fine enough to keep going.”

Smith kept going. He landed a massive elbow. Nguyen dropped.

“I ran to the corner and thought, there's no way he gets up.”

Alfie Smith at Rebellion Muay Thai
Nguyen got up. He kept coming. Smith was able to take him down for a final count. There was less than ten seconds left in the fight, but the referee still waved it off.

“To see the ref wave off the fight,” Smith said. “It was huge relief knowing that it was 100% secured.”

Jordan Coe Award
The performance also secured the Jordan Coe Award, along with a cash prize. Coe was a showman in the sport. His eye catching style and charisma made him loved by the audience. He also showed tremendous heart.

“For me facing adversity, being able to get up and keep fighting That's what heart is,” Smith said. “That’s showmanship.”

The late Jordan Coe was a star. He had undeniable charisma, showmanship, and ring presence.

Receiving the Jordan Coe Award is to create memories. It is to inspire the crowd with a truly eye catching performance.

Rebellion is excited for Smith and others like him to continue to display heart, and showmanship. We will continue the legacy of the sport. We honor the past by preserving its future.

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