Announcing! Rebellion 29 On Youtube

Announcing! Rebellion 29 On Youtube

We’re releasing the latest installment of Rebellion.

Every other day this month a new bout from Rebellion Muaythai 29 will be released on our Youtube channel.

Make sure to check the action out here.

The complete Rebellion Muaythai 29 schedule

 Rebellion 29

September 29th-  Matthews Vs Murray Brockman

October 1st - Quang Phẩm vs Steve Morales

October 3rd - Michelle Russell vs Tia Ford

October 5th - Jack Matthews vs Van Phan

October 7th - Tim Nguyễn vs Jason Scott

October 9th - Matthew Stevens vs Damon Nelson

October 11th - Jonathan Aiulu vs Victor Hugo  

October 13th - Hugh O’Donnell vs Tamroypor Aor Khunseuk

October 15th - Mohammad Siasarani vs Kongthailand

October 17th - Ramesh Habib vs Carter Lawrance

October 19th - Matthew Stevens vs Jonathan Aiulu

October 21st - Hugh O’Donnell vs Kongthailand

October 23rd - Tum Winner Muay Thai vs Adam Noi

October 25th - Matthew Stevens vs Kongthailand

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Rebellion 30/Roots 24: Welcome to Jamrock
November 18th
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