Building Roots

Building Roots

The Origins Of Roots

The show at the Melbourne Pavillion is building, literally, strong roots in the Muaythai community. It serves as a bridge between beginning bouts and higher level international shows. From Roots athletes can go onto Rebellion.

Roots Muay Thai

“Roots is a good way for people to come from amateurs and develop their style,” Promoter Sy Nadji said.

The show is also growing a new generation of fans. First timers get to see their friends and family fight in a laid back environment.

“The vibe is chill. It’s not just aggro,” Nadji said. “Muaythai is an art and a fight sport. They fight like hell but it’s a vibe. I love Roots Muaythai big time.”

The Next Roots Show is coming up on November 18th in Melbourne.

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