Carter Lawrance Returns To Rebellion

Carter Lawrance Returns To Rebellion

Melbourne’s Carter Lawrance explored the world. Now he's back again. 

His lanky frame appeared 13 times on Roots and Rebellion.

Then he ventured to the homeland of Muay Thai, Thailand. 

In Thailand, he’s made the journey to the ring ten times.

It was his trainer from Dominance MMA sent him to the homeland of Muay Thai.

“We've always worked on my clinch, but he wanted me to get even better. As good as possible in the clinch,” Lawrance said.

Lawrance trained at the famed FA Group gym in Bangkok. Located near Chatuchak park the gym focuses on the clinch. Athletes knee spar twice a day for an hour per session.

 Carter Lawrance vs Deren Chen

It was the ability to stay in the correct range that won him his last few fights. He fought on Fairtex Fight at the famed Lumpinee stadium against Valentine Compagnon. Lawrance stayed long and tall against Compangnon.

“I was actually sick when I fought at Lumpinee. The first half of the fight, I was trying to save my energy so I didn’t gas out,” Lawrance said.

Energy conservation is very important, whether the bout is three or five rounds. Lawrance didn’t have to spend much energy on his next fight.

He took on a Thai fighter at 74kg at Rajadamnern’s TKO show. The entry level show made Lawrance take a quick getaway.
“I stopped him with a knee within 40 or 35 seconds of the fight,” he said.

Carter Lawrence vs Brandon Hardcastle

While conserving energy builds tactical ability, knock-out wins build confidence. The Rajadamnern TKO victory and another KO victory boosted Lawrance. He fought Brandon Hardcastle at Rebellion. Lawrence took him out with an elbow.

“I know that I can actually do damage in the fight,” Lawrance said. “So now my confidence is going up, my fight style is changing a bit as well. I can be a bit more aggressive and not save my energy and hold myself back.”

The pressure is on for this fight. He takes on Samuel Bielen from Venum Muay Thai in Pattaya.

Fighting in the west is different from Thailand.

Carter Lawrence vs Jordan Fielding

Check out Carter Lawrence versus Jordan Fielding on The Roots Undercard Here

“When you fight in Thailand, the pressure's not on,” he said. “No one knows I'm fighting.”

Fans around the world will know about this fight. The Australian based show has a history.

“Fighting on Rebellion, when it's packed it’s like.. the atmosphere, there's something crazy about it. It's the best show that I've fought on.”

The voyage to Thailand comes back to Australia. He's gone won and now he's back again. He takes on Samuel Bielen in a welterweight bout. 

Carter Lawrence vs Samuel Bielen

Rebellion 28
Roots 22: Trenchtown Rock 
May 27th
Melbourne Pavillion
Doors at 3pm Roots Undercard 4pm
Rebellion starts at 7pm
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