Chadd Collins And A Champion Mindset

Chadd Collins And A Champion Mindset

In the world of Muaythai, there are battles and there are wars. Queensland’s Chadd “The Shark” Collins is an elite soldier. His campaign seized the WBC Muaythai belt. Now he’s entrenched in defending his place. He’ll prepare for bloodshed at Rebellion MuayThai 30 on November 18th.

Chadd Collins vs Yodiq

Chadd Collins Knees Yodiq PK Saenchai

The Mindset Of A Champion

Going into war, a soldier must be readied. For Collins, that means a 10 week camp. The Shark trains with Mark Pease at Strikeforce Gym. He puts himself through the paces twice a day. He works with a nutritionist and a mind coach. He’s specialized his training.

“I did the hard yards, but now I can take the smarter way of doing things,” Collins said.

The smarter way is to regulate the body. He breaks up his week with active recovery mid week.

“Every Wednesday morning I have off to break up the week, recover and I go do hot yoga,” he said.

Collins' beginnings did not involve yoga. It did involve the heat of Thailand though. He forged himself at gyms like Tor Sangtiennoi and Revolution Phuket.

The time in Thailand was important. In the homeland of Muaythai, there is a program. It is the simple cycle of train, eat, sleep, train, eat, sleep over and over.

“It grows a mentality, of not cheating yourself on repetition. Of doing the doing the cruel hard yards to build the dog inside,” Collins said.

The Pressure Of A Defense

The war dog inside was built. He turned into a shark that created a territory.

To claim the WBC Muaythai belt, Collins defeated Yodiq PK Saenchai. The intense battle saw an early start for the Thai athlete with well-timed left kicks. Collins smashed up the Thai fighter’s nose. They fought to the end. Collins won the prize he’d gone after many times before, the world championship.

 Now he must protect that place and there is everything to lose.

“I've got nothing to gain from fighting him. He's got everything to gain. He's not a step up for me,” Collins said.

When you are at the top in the hurt game, everyone is fighting for your spot.

 “I am the reigning champion. I want to defend, defend, defend, defend,” Collins said.

Industry insiders view champions as those who can defend their position. For many, you’re not a real champion until you protect the belt. 

To be eligible for the WBC Muaythai belt, athletes must live up to a standard. Jordan Godtfredsen meets the qualifications.

“He’s good. He can fight. He’s going to come to fight. It’s my job to shut him down,” Collins said.

While Collins believes his opponent is good. He still believes there is a difference.

“Being brutally honest, I don’t believe he’s on the same level as me. I have bigger fish to fry,” Collin said 

The Shark wants to fight the best in the world. To prove himself.

Chadd Collins Delivers A Crushing Elbow

The Proving Grounds

Melbourne Australia is the battleground. It is a place that Collins is familiar with. He fought Roy Wills there early in his career. In November of last year, he took on Yodiq. Now he’s back to defend his throne.

“Rebellion puts together nice authentic Muaythai shows. He has a program before Rebellion, Roots. It gives the younger fighters a ladder to climb through. On a professional level Rebellion is known around the world. It’s good publicity for myself,” he said.

The public is buzzing and the hype is real. It will be a war.  

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