Daniel Matthews Receives Samkor Kiatmontep Award

Daniel Matthews Receives Samkor Kiatmontep Award

Matthews' strategy was simple – use his power side. The tactic was to use the left kick, the southpaw’s main weapon.

“My opponent wasn't expecting my left kick and the power,” Matthews said. “He didn't check very much. So made it land good and shut his arm down.”

 Daniel Matthews Roots Muay Thai

Like Samkor Kiatmonthep, Matthews used his left kick. Southpaws like Matthews and Samkor blast out the powerful rear kick. They hit the same spot over and over. This disables the arm. The opponent is unable to box. Movement becomes predictable. The opponent becomes scared to walk into the rear kick. Samkor used this tactic in his many bouts.

Learn more about fight tactics here.

Samkor amassed over 200 fights in his career. He was a multiple Lumpinee Champ and fought both foreigners and Thais. He took on Attachai Fairtex, Farid Villaume, Namsaknoi, and took a win over the famed Saenchai. Everyone knew him for his fearsome southpaw kick.

For the Muay Dte (kicking -,เตะ) style Matthews took home the Samkor Award.

 Samkor Kiatmontep Award

“I felt honored,” Matthews said. “I wasn't expecting it at all. I’m honored to be the first one to be awarded.”

The awards are part of a campaign to preserve the style and history of the sport. Matthews didn’t know who Samkor was before he received the award. But when he saw him, he was amazed.

“I made sure to look him up and then watched a couple of his fights,” Matthews said. “The way he whips his kick around and the technique on it is something different. You don’t see it that often these days.”

 Daniel Matthews Promoted

Along with the award, Matthews was promoted from the Roots show to Rebellion. He’s developed well on the professional show. Now he will fight on the international platform. Rebellion flies in athletes from around the world to compete.

Matthews joins a long legacy of Muay Thai including Sam Bark, Chadd Collins, Yodiq, Singpaya, Barbara Aguiar, and more.

You can check out their performances on the Rebellion Muay Thai Youtube.

 Daniel Matthews kicking at Roots

We look forward to seeing Matthews kick it in the future.

Rebellion 28
Roots 22: Trenchtown Rock 
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