Estonia Takes On Australia At Rebellion 30

Estonia Takes On Australia At Rebellion 30

Rebellion 30 at the Melbourne Pavilion is stacked with talent. All eight weapons of Muaythai are in action on the Rebellion canvas November 18th.  Estonian ring artist, Karolina Arm is coming to put her talents on display.

 Karolina Arm vs Joanne La

A Quick Learner Turns Into A Fighter

A former figure skater and horse rider, Arm began boxing as a teenager. Next door to her boxing class was a Muaythai school. She was invited to join and she was a fast learner.

“I picked it up pretty quickly. In Europe it's not like in Thailand where you get pads every session,” Arm said.

She worked hard with her instructor and soon became obsessed. She went to the gym five times a week or more within her first two months. 

“I got in a better shape, so I wanted to be there more. and I wanted to be more challenged,” Arm said.

Her first test came quick. Her trainer told her she was fighting. She went along with it. Then a month later she fought for the second time.

As she accumulated fight experience life kept moving along. She graudated high school. She had some money saved and decided to try Thailand out.

Karolina Arm

The Move To Thailand

“I traveled a little bit in Thailand. I went up north and I went to Bangkok, I just traveled and trained. I didn't think about making fighting as my career,” Arm said.

The traveling and training got into her though. The passion for the sport grew. She returned home to Estonia for a short time. Then decided to go full time into fighting in Thailand. Since then she’s fought at the entertainment shows in Bangkok. She recently took on Kwankhao Por Muangpetch at Rajadamnern.

These experiences and more were opened to her from her gym, Bangtao in Phuket. The new establishment is solidifying its place on the world Muaythai scene.

Karolina Arm 

Working With Top Trainers

Their Muaythai trainers include Ajarn Wat, the coach for Michael Savvas.

“We have so many legends now. I feel like the team is starting to catch up,” Arm said.

The gym is new having opened its doors within the last two years. They have high level MMA coaches like George Hicks. They’ve also had Saam A Gaiyanghaadao training there regularly. The facility is building up a reputation for high level talent.

Arm’s training includes working with the living legend Ajarn Wat. Specifically she works her clinch and elbow game.

“I love elbows and I love knees. That's Ajarn Wat’s game too,” Arm said. “He teaches me how to make my game have more variations.”

She’ll need the variation against Joanne La. The Melbourne based athlete is a Rebellion veteran.

“I know she's a tough girl,” Arm said. “I know we’re both very competitive.” 

The matches at Rebellion are known for their competitive nature.

“I'm happy to fight her on Rebellion because I love Muaythai,” Arm said.

Arm’s love for the sport is on display November 18th as she takes on Joanne La at Rebellion 30.

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