Fairtex Supports Rebellion

Fairtex Supports Rebellion

Rebellion Muay Thai Powered By Fairtex

 The partnership between Rebellion Muay Thai and Fairtex started in 2016. CEO of Rebellion, Sy Nadji, went to the motherland of Muay Thai to strike up a deal. He approached Fairtex for sponsorship. The company agreed.

Fairtex, the largest Muay Thai equipment manufacturer in Thailand began in 1971. Over the years they expanded to America, Japan, China, and Australia. Currently the Fairtex Training Center trains over 40 professional boxers.

Chano Nurmakin, CEO for Fairtex Equipment, is happy with the long term sponsorship.

“Because Rebellion is the best 100% Muay Thai show in Australia,” Nurmakin said. “The award they received from fans in Australia confirmed it. I like that it is pure Muay Thai.”

Rebellion and Fairtex Shorts
The partnership provides Rebellion with ring canvases, gloves, shorts, tape, and other equipment. The relationship developed over time as Nadji built out Rebellion.


Nadji created an undercard show for developing professionals, Roots. The show is also sponsored by Fairtex. Unique gloves and shorts appear in the event.

Recently, Fairtex stepped in to support Muay Thai Victoria. The company provides headgear, body protectors, shin pads, and other equipment for the show. The development show is monthly in Melbourne. It is a gateway for athletes to fight onto shows like Roots and then Rebellion.

Muay Thai Victoria 

Because of Rebellion’s growth, the show is internationally known. Fairtex fighters like Saemapetch, Andy Cehovsky, Thong, and Kompetch graced the Rebellion stage.


The relationship is fruitful for Fairtex.

 Sy Nadji and Chano Nurmakin

“The Australian market is one of the most important,” Nurmakin said. “There are a lot of martial art practitioners for Muay Thai. So the market is very big. Working with Rebellion gives us the benefit of brand exposure.

The brand exposure funnels attention into sales for Fairtex. There are distributors in Australia for Fairtex equipment. And now Rebellion is selling unique Fairtex x Rebellion merchandise.

The show builds international level talent like Tyson Harrison as well. Harrison is an athlete from Queensland, Australia who fought on Roots and Rebellion. Now the Aussie boxer is on ONE Lumpinee, the highest rated televised show in Thailand.

“You can see they are pushing fighters in Thailand,” Nurmakin said. “He even wore Rebellion shorts at his ONE Lumpinee fight.

The growth of Muay Thai, Rebellion’s positive part of it, and the direction that Fairtex wants to go are all coming together.

“For Rebellion will be in a long term partnership. We both have a good plan together to drive the sport.”

Rebellion and Fairtex are excited for the days ahead!

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