Fangs, Fury, and Ferocity: Godtfredsen's Arsenal for the Fight of His Life

Fangs, Fury, and Ferocity: Godtfredsen's Arsenal for the Fight of His Life

Australia’s top predators are stalking each other. Each waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

And The Moment. Is. Coming.

Jordan “The Wolf” Godtfredsen is hounding Chadd “The Shark” Collins. The hunt climaxes at Rebellion Muaythai 30 in Melbourne. The victor goes home with the coveted green and gold WBC Muaythai Superlightweight Title.
Jordan Godtfredsen vs Chadd Collins

The Hunt Begins

November 18th at the Melbourne pavilion the chase starts. It’s been a long time coming.

“Everyone's been wanting this fight for a long time. I've been chasing this fight for the last couple of years,” Godtfredsen said.

The Perth based boxer worked his way up the WBC Muay Thai rankings. This gives him the opportunity to challenge for the belt once again. 

“I was matched to fight for the WBC world title before the COVID lockdown,” Godtfredsen said. “I've been breathing down Collin’s neck for the last year. This fight has been offered on different shows over the last 12 months. We finally locked it in and I'm so glad for it to be on Rebellion.”

The two battle on neutral ground. Godtfredsen from western Australia, Collins from eastern Australia. They meet in the middle in Melbourne.

Jordan Godtfredsen Godtfredsen Kicks 

The Matchup - Anything But Neutral

This fight is risky. Both fighters know the hurt game. They’ve battered, bruised, and brawled their way to the top.

“We're both dangerous. We're both hungry fighters We’re both power strikers and very fit,” Godtfredsen said.

Danger makes some shy. For Godtfredsen it pushes. It drives.

“These are the fights that motivate. You know you’re going into the ring with someone who is hungry. And you’re going to fight them for their belt. He is not going to want to give that up,” Godtfredsen said.

Godfredtsen is familiar with the Rebellion stage. He recently defeated Donemon Venum Muaythai at Rebellion 28. He’s battled Saemapetch Fairtex, Ramesh Habib, Dennapho Numphonthep, and Luktum Winner Muaythai.

Now he’s ready to take on a loaded weapon.

The Weapons Of The Wolf

But The Wolf is a predator. His bite is crushing. He’s upped his strength training to make his fangs undeniable. More importantly, he’s kept his consistency.

“I train the same every camp. We train very Thai style,” Godtfredsen said.

He’s got a strong pack around him. Athletes like Prabsuek, Mini T, and Cedar push him.

“Prabsuek is an amazing Thai stylist, super strong and fast. Then you've got Mini T who is explosive kickboxing style, this fight camp. Then you got someone like Cedar, big walk forward knee. He likes to put the pressure on me, likes to hit the body,” Godtfredsen said.

He’s not taking the weapons of Collins easy. He knows The Shark can kill.

“He’s his own style,” Godtrfedsen said. “He is a good mixture of traditional Muaythai with kickboxing. He’s got heavy hands, big looping punches, and he can clinch,” Godtfredsen said.

Godtfredsen’s ultimate weapon is without a doubt his conditioning. Working with his stablemates he’s able to sharpen his bite. But it is his undeniable will that makes him lead the pack.

The Final Bite

Beginning at the bottom and getting to the top is hard. It’s a step by step process. Bout by bout Godtfredsen built himself.

And this fight is all focus. There are no distractions.

“The belt doesn’t exist unless I beat Chadd Collins. If you’re thinking about the belt, your mind’s in it for the wrong reasons,” Godtfredsen said.

He doesn’t want a fight. He wants an epic battle. He wants it all.

“I want a war. I don’t want an easy knockout. I want to earn it. I want to take him into deep waters and drown him. That’s exactly how I want this fight to go. I‘m going to make him look for a way out.”

The way this war will turn out will be history. It is two legitimate Australians fighting for a WBC Muaythai World Title. It belongs in the annals of history like the Nathan Corbett and Steve McKinnon bouts. Or the battles between John Wayne Parr and Bruce “Preacher” Macfie.

“We are two of the best guys in the world. This has been a massive journey. I'm pumped. I'm pumped. That's all I can say,” he said.

All we can say is, this is a fight not to be missed.

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