Hard Kicks At Roots - Thestar Sitchor vs Spring Sia

Hard Kicks At Roots - Thestar Sitchor vs Spring Sia

The main event was a high caliber technical battle. Spring Sia battled Thestar Sitchor.

Thestar rose to the occasion against local Melbourne favorite Sia. Thestar controlled the game with her kicks and timing.

“My best weapon was my kick,” Thestar said.

She blasted away with her legs. Springing them onto Sia almost at will. The resolute Australian marched forward.

“Spring’s best weapon was her knees,” Thestar said.

However, Spring wasn’t able to connect. Thesar used effective movement to stay out of Spring’s grips.

“I thought I was winning each round,” Thestar said. “Because Spring wasn’t connecting.”

This was Thestar’s fourth bout down under and her first appearance at Roots. Of course, she wants to return to the premiere show.

“After the fight, I was happy and was so happy to be in Australia. I want to come back if there is an opportunity to come back,” Thestar said.

There is still an opportunity to go back to action. The replay with all the fights is live.

Matchmaking for our next event is happening now! Let us know who you want to see at Rebellion and Roots. 

Spring Sia vs Thestar Sitchor

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