How To Make The Big Boss Happy

How To Make The Big Boss Happy

Making The Fans And The Big Boss Happy

Fighting is a test. For athletes like Brittany Thomas of 8 Blade Warrior, the examination stakes are high. Her teacher, Superboy Muensang, will be watching each move 

Brittany Thomas of 8 Blades Warrior

Thomas Kicking It At Roots

The professor is an experienced craftsman. He, like many Thai athletes, started young at 7 years old in his hometown of Pattalung in the south of Thailand. He accumulated 200 bouts in his career. So he knows what is right, and what is wrong.

Now he uses his experience to mold his current fighters, like Thomas.

“The layers have been building for some time. There were camps with matches that didn't go through. But that gave me time to work on everything uninterrupted.” Thomas said.

Thomas is looking to continue to build herself. She's beaten out Donna Lindsay with trademark left kicks. Then she took on Jorgensen. She won. 

And Superboy is looking to keep that left kick in tip top shape. If it strikes hard and true, Thomas will get a passing grade.

“I want to execute the game plan, keep the boss happy, and unleash,” Thomas said. "So I'm marrying my set ups with my left kick."

Thomas takes on Switzerland’s Zoe Neuschwander at Roots 24: Welcome to Jamrock.

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Brittany Thomas

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