How To Prepare For Your Muay Thai Fight

How To Prepare For Your Muay Thai Fight

The Stages Of Preparation For Muay Thai

Getting ready to fight takes steps. For Matthew Williams of Bones MMA in Torquay there are three steps. First is Match Readiness. Next Match Performance. Finally Match Preparedness.

Matthew Williams Of Bones MMA
Match readiness is about getting the fighters ready mentally and physically,” Williams said. “We take a contemporary approach to conditioning.”

The athletes out of Bones use Airdyne bikes to keep their cardio high. They also do less road work than traditional camps. In Thailand a very heavy emphasis is placed on running. Don’t run, don’t fight. That is not the case for Bones. They emphasize recovery and athlete longevity.

“Training this way reduces injuries,” Williams said.

Match performance is a focus on the development of the fighters.

“I’m trying to teach them how to play the game and recognize the big moments in the fights,” Williams said.

Understanding crucial moments is vital. In Thai there is a saying Wi naathee thong, วินนาทีทอง or the golden moment. It is the moment when the odds shift in favor of one fighter. If the athlete is able to recognize these points in the fight they can be on the winning side.

Match preparedness is the final step. It is one of logistics.

“There’s only one trainer, so there are lots of roles for me to play,” Williams said. “I print out an itinerary and print it out and stick it on the wall.”

Wiliams assigns roles to the staff. This creates smooth operations when it’s fight time. The athletes know who will warm up who. The fighter knows who will be in the corner. The devil is in the details and Williams is looking to put demons in the ring.

Next up for the Bones MMA gang is Mahamongkol. He takes on Sadeghi at Rebellion 30th. It will be 5 rounds of Muaythai action. 

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