Keady Formork Sponsors Rebellion Muaythai

Keady Formork Sponsors Rebellion Muaythai

Keady Formwork may seem like an unlikely candidate for sponsoring a MuayThai event.

They are a Melbourne based construction company formed in 2015. Find out more about them here.

The core business is formwork for apartment blocks and high-end residential houses. The company though, is building Muaythai.

Keady Formwork

Keady Formwork sponsored Ramesh Habib vs Carter Lawrence at Rebellion 29

An Owner’s Passion

The founder of Keady Formwork, Trevor Meegan, is passionate about the sport. A former fighter himself, he trained with Rebellion MuayThai founder, Sy Nadji. The two formed a bond over a common desire, to build.

And so Keady Formwork began to help construct Rebellion.

The company’s sponsorship of Rebellion created a deep foundation. It is over five years of work together. It involves the fighters and Keady Formwork staff.

Ramesh habib vs Carter Lawrence at Rebellion 29

Carter Lawrance kicks Ramesh Habib at Rebellion 29

A Fighter And A Builder

Foreman for construction, Connor Goodman cements the bond of both companies. He organizes material and manages labor for Keady Formwork. For Rebellion, he fights. He was part of the Roots 8 Man Eliminator in June of 2022.

“Trevor Meegan sponsored the 8 Man Eliminator,” Goodman said. “I’ve fought 4 times on Roots and 3 times on Rebellion. I’ve been working for Keady Formwork for 6 years.”

Goodman beat Jonathan Ho, Jesse Scherger, and Jack Matthews in the finals. His Keady Formwork coworkers surrounded him when he took the win.

Keady Formwork project in Melbourne

Keady Formwork Project In Melbourne

Going Sky High

The highs are high. So the relationship perks are good for Keady Formwork.

“There’s organized tabled for the Keady staff at the shows,” Goodman said.

A lot of the workers get down to the fights. The show is an event for the staff to build morale. And it keeps growing the sport that so many are passionate about.

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