Passion And Expertise: The Rebellion Muay Thai And Qest Infrastructure Partnership

Passion And Expertise: The Rebellion Muay Thai And Qest Infrastructure Partnership

Good People Don’t Let You Down

Great people, great companies they have visions. For Qest Infrastructure it’s simple. It’s clear as day.

“To have a good impact on the people around us,” Steven Hull CEO of Qest Infrastructure said. “With our clients, and with our people.”

Impacting people is more than a mission statement. It’s doing things better every day. It shows up in the work and in the relationships.

That drive for excellence is what attracted Qest to support Rebellion.

“Rebellion is a premium brand,” Hull said. “We’re similar. We’re also in a niche industry but we’re at the top of it.”

Qest Infrastructure work

Qest Infrastructure does underground asset management. They specialize in drilling services for commercial, government, and industrial projects.

Based in Geelong, close to Melbourne, Hull got a chance to see Rebellion in action 10 years ago.

“I went to one of Sy Nadji’s (CEO of Rebellion) shows. He was a good, respectful bloke. He went out of his way to be accommodating,” Hull said.

The gift of service and professionalism continued to grow. Nadji matched up quality fights and stayed true to Muay Thai.

For Hull that’s important.

“We’re a niche business. We’re not selling equipment,” he said. “We like to take our clients and friends to the show. They get to see the professionalism.”

Rebellion’s upward growth pushes forward with the Qest x Rebellion belt. The winner of this year’s 8 Man Eliminator will be wearing the honor.

It’s been 20 years for Qest Infrastructure and over a decade of supporting Rebellion. Qest Infrastructure is the major partner for Rebellion. The idea for the belt was something that Hull mulled over.

Qest Infrastructure and Rebellion

“People know Qest from our association with combat sports,” he said. “We wanted to do something that people would fight for.”

The opportunity came. The event is set.

The trophy might be the belt, but Qest’s long term campaign is something worth fighting for. A battle to make things better – to have a positive impact on the people around us.

The grand prize, the payday, the honor, and the experience will be a positive impact.

Make sure to come for the good vibes on August 12th. The good people won’t let you down.

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