Rebellion XXVIII Line Up

Rebellion XXVIII Line Up

The Rebellion Muay Thai card is set. The lineup is global. Athletes from Thailand, Australia, Iran, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, and Italy will enter the ring.

Each bout will be five three minute rounds of action. And it will be 100% Muay Thai at the Melbourne Pavillion May 27th.

 There’s gonna be plenty of action and plenty of depth to this big pool of talent. We’ll skim the surface and give you a quick dip into the waters for the fights.

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Matthews vs Singnoom Rebellion Muay Thai

Bout 1: Thailand vs Australia - Lightweight

Jack Matthews Vs Singnoom PTJ

Matthews is a familiar face in Melbourne. The Aussie fighter stepped into the ring several times at Rebellion. He’s built himself up, along with his brother Jack. Matthews is still young in his career. He’s stepping up to take on Singnoom.

The Thai athlete is straight off the boat from the land of smiles. A trainer/fighter out of the famed PTJ gym in Sydney, Signoom will be making his debut at Rebellion. While more experienced than Matthews in fights, Singnoom hasn't gone on the international stage.

This contest is an intriguing matchup between youth and experience. 

 Carter Lawrance VS Samuel Bielen Rebellion Muay Thai

Bout 2: Australia Vs Belgium - Welterweight

Carter Lawrance Vs Samuel Bielen

 Another Rebellion veteran, Lawrance’s career at Rebellion is as long as his limbs. The beanpole sprouted up early in Roots, then took home a WBC belt. He beat Corey Barrett for the WBC Welterweight title. He shipped off to Thailand for a stint where he grabbed hold of some clinching lessons at FA Group. A win at Lumpinee. A knockout at Rajadamnern. Now he’s back with swagger in his step.

 Bielen put in the hard yards in Thailand. His entire professional career was in Thailand. He’s a Max Muay Thai belt holder. He recently faced Yodiq PK Saenchai at Lumpinee. While he didn’t take the win he took home more than enough experience to put Lawarance to the test. Training with Mehdi Zatour out of Venum, Bielen is an aggressive push forward fighter.

Expect a classic match up between height vs determination. A lengthy clinch and knee fighter battles short, stocky, and determined.

Goodman vs Gianpaolo

Bout 3: Ireland vs Italy - WBC Muay Thai Super Featherweather Weight State Title

Connor Goodman vs Gianpaolo Iacapino

Fighting Irish Goodman puts his undefeated professional record on the line. Goodman is a construction foreman by day and a fighter at night. He’s tougher than a two dollar steak and can handle the heat. He’s bounced up and down in weight. Goodman didn't have a lucky clover. He had Irish determination. He stepped forward into victory against Martin Nguyen, Jack Matthews, and Nicholas Talbot. It’s not all rainbows and pots of gold for Goodman. He knows how to construct himself and fight.

 Dark horse Iacapino will look to trample on Goodman. Italian Iacapino has the ferocity of a flame eyed mustang. Fighting out of Don Millar’s Supafight gym, the southpaw kicks out the left attacks in devastating fashion. A bucking, wild fighter, Iacapino jolts and bolts around the ring. He is untamed. In his last fight at Roots, Iacapino lept into James Sim to land a TKO victory. Iacapino jumps into his attacks, keeps his hands a bit low, and kicks like a full grown mustang.

This fight will be a test to see who can last. Who will go the distance: the Irishman with a heart the size of a Guinness factory or the brave bucking bronco from Supafight?

Petchmuangchon vs Mehdi Rebellion Muay Thai
Bout 4: Thailand Vs Iran – 54kg

Petchmuangchon Por Suangtong Vs Mahdi Mosavizadeh

 Petchmuangchon is a typical Thai in that he’s got more fights to his name than koalas in Oz. What makes him special is the quality that he’s been able to bear. He’s a two time Rajadamnern champ, picked up the Omnoi stadium belt, won the S1 tournament, AND received the Thailand Fighter Of The Year Award in 2018.

Coming to Melbourne via Venum Muay Thai, Madhi fought recently in Rajadamnern World Series. The entertainment show at the legendary stadium is three rounds. Mahdi was fit as a fiddle and played a song for his opponent. The lyrics were deafening for his opponent. Mahdi sent him down to the canvas in the first minute of the first round.

 Expect to see two small guys with big power clash 

tim nguyen vs alfie smith

Bout 5: Australia vs Australia - WBC Muay Thai Superwelterweight Australian Title

Tim Nguyen vs Alfie Smith

 Local Melbourne fighter, Tim Nguyen charges into battle. Nicknamed “The Rhino,” Nguyen uses his formidable power to march through his opponents. He sent a ripper into the body of Daniel Stroud at Rebellion 23. Stroud was unable to answer the bell. Then Nguyen rammed a horn into Paul Rogers at Rebellion 24th. He used his uppercut to lift Rogers up and then sent him down with another overhand right. In The very next Rebellion Nguyen showed his tough skin. He battled Hugh O’Donnell. Nguyen endured countless knees and forward momentum from O’Donnell.

 But Alfie Smith from Queensland knows how to take down a charging animal. He defeated Brandon Hardcastle in Brisbane via leg kicks. Smith has been around the block as well. He’s seen action at Lumpinee. Recently he fought Max Muay Thai veteran Tu Warren. The Brisbane bloke took a split decision win. Smith will be wanting to split up Tim Nguyen with dangerous body kicks and long range weapons.

 It's a great match between the brawn of Nguyen and the brains of Smith.

 Joanne La vs Zehra Dogan

Bout 6: Australia vs Turkey – 53kg

Joanne La vs Zehra Dogan

The Lioness returns. La roars in the ring regularly for Rebellion. The heavy handed Aussie recently dropped a points decision to Brazilian sensation Barbara Aguiar. But before that, La put on a beating against Soraya Hamimi from Sydney. La recently opened up her gym and is looking to open herself up to more opportunities. And this is a big chance for La.

 Coming from Turkey, Dogan flew through the IFMA ranks. She medaled at the amateur games then went on to bigger fame. She was the runner up against Somratsamee Chaisuya in the Rajadamnern World Series league tournament. Dogan gained the WBC Muay Thai world title when she beat Gabrielel Batista in Thailand. Dogan has typical IFMA style, Muay Thai. Lots of movement.

This will be a race of endurance. Can La hunt down Dogan, or can the Turkish fighter hit and run to a points victory?

Jordan vs Donemon Rebellion Muay Thai
Bout 7: Australia Vs Thailand: Super Lightweight

Jordan Godtfredsen vs Donemon Venum Muay thai

 Godtfredsen is a wolf. Fighting out of Perth he’s led the pack for Muay Thai. He’s bitten into Saemapetch Fairtex, Dennapho Numponthep, Tum Winner Muay Thai, and more. Fit to fight, in the clinch Godtfredsen fights. With the number of high level Thai and international opponents he’s had The Wolf is a worthy headliner.

 Donemon has an easy smile and a face that shows signs of battle. Training out of Venum Muay Thai gym in Pattaya Thailand, Donemon’s experience is a deciding factor. He recently went to the famed mecca of Muay Thai, Lumpinee. There Donemon took on Jalill Barnes. The two fought tooth and nail. The Venum Muay Thai fighter uses some clever tricks that might make the wolf stumble. His experience with Westerners may be enough to turn the fight around.

It’s a modern tale of West vs East for this one. Will Godtfredsen’s conditioning be able to outlast Donemon’s experience?

 Rebellion 28

Roots 22: Trenchtown Rock 

May 27th

Melbourne Pavillion

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Doors at 3pm Roots Undercard 4pm

Rebellion starts at 7pm

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