Rebellion XXVIII Replay And Results

Rebellion XXVIII Replay And Results

Rebellion XXVIII brought the action. It was 7 bouts of pure Muay Thai.  

 The action was nonstop and will continue. Rebellion XXVIV, August 12th is the Qest Infrastructure 8 Man Tournament at 70kgs. The fights are being lined up as we speak.

Make sure to catch the replays on our live stream for quality action. You can watch the live stream here. 

Results below:

 Singnoom vs Daniel Matthews

Bout 1: Singnoom Ptj vs Jack Matthews -Lightweight

It was 5 rounds of pure Muay Thai. Matthews and Singnoom started off slow. Then it went fast. Matthews used youthful power and explosion. His left kicks were fearsome. The Thai athlete collected Matthews’ weapons using great defense and counters. In the end the judges gave the points win to Singnoom

 Samuel Bielen vs Carter Lawrance

Bout 2: Samuel Bielen vs Carter Lawrance - Welterweight

Samuel Bielen used hands forged in the fires of hell. He ripped into Lawrance’s body with demonic punches. In the second Lawrance cut Bielen with a heavenly elbow that was a turning point. The cut swelled. Lawrance aimed at the wound. He used his boxing and long range weapons to secure a points win.

Gianpaolo vs Connor Goodman

Bout 3: Gianpaolo Iacopino vs Conor Goodman- WBC Muay Thai Super Featherweather Weight State Title

Italian Stallion Iacopino bolted into the lead early. He used powerful southpaw kicks against the tough as Goodman. The crowd roared with excitement each time the boxers landed a decisive blow. The WBC Muay Thai title went to the black horse out of Supafight Gym.
Joanne La vs Zehra Dogan

Bout 4: Joanne La vs Zehra Dogan – 53kg

The Lioness roared against a Devil. Dogan The Devil Girl brought her pitchfork out. She stabbed at La. The Lioness raked her with big punches. La pawed out a points win in an exciting fight.

Alfie Smith vs Tim Nguyen

Bout 5: Alfie Smith vs Tim Nguyen WBC Muay Thai Superwelterweight Australian Title

This fight had more counts than a kindergarten class. The third round saw 2 knockdowns. Nguyen was counted to 8 two times. In the final round, Smith had to recite numbers when he was kneed to the head. Then Nguyen was counting his teeth for the second knock down of the round. At 2:57 seconds declared the fight a TKO win for Alfie Smith. Nguyen was felled by an up elbow. Petchmuangchon vs Mahdi

Seyed Mahdi vs Petchmuangchon Por Suangthong – 54kg

Petchmuangchon sped through Mahdi. He ran fast with hard body punches and leg kicks. Petchmuangchon had Mahdi standing on one leg by the end of the fourth. The Thai fighter cruised in the fifth round. His velocity was enough to get to a points win.

Jordan Godfredtsen vs Donemon

Doraemon Venum Muay Thai vs Jordan Godtfredsen - Superlightweight

Jordan Godtfredsen imposed his power onto Doraemon early. He chopped at Doreamon’s legs. The Thai fighter was defensively sound but Godtfredsen was still able to score. It was Godtfredsen’s hand that was raised at the end of the fight.

Rebellion 28

Roots 22: Trenchtown Rock 

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