Roots 22 Replay and Results

Roots 22 Replay and Results

Roots 22 kicked off an amazing night of action. All the athletes came in on weight and ready to fight. There were 10 bouts of action and all of them were quality.

Roots 23 is in the works. Match ups are being made for the August 12th bouts.

Make sure to catch the replays on our live stream for quality action. You can watch the live stream here. 

Jess Mcardle vs Jane Hei Jing Ma

Bout 1: Jane Hei Jing Ma vs Jess Mcardle

Jess imposed her will for three rounds. While Ma was able to slip early in the first round her power level fell in the second and third. Jess took a dominant points win.

Matt Packer vs Chris Close

Bout 2: Matt Packer vs Chris Close

Chris Close tried to stay long range with his shots. Packer shipped in some hard shots. While Close had good reactions, Packer had a big enough inventory to take the points win.

Helen Stiles vs Chloe Dean

Bout 3: Helen Joy Stiles vs Chloe Dean

Dean walked forward. She grabbed. She kneed. And she was sliced. Stiles cut her three times around the eye. The blood came but Dean took the points win. 

Jason Huynh vs Kevin Lee

Bout 4: Jason Huynh vs Kevin Lu 

Honour Martial Arts Huynh fighter danced. He guided the fight like a waltz. Lu was tough as. He took a mouse and a cut. Huynh took the points win.

Grace Allison vs Erin Carter

Bout 5: Grace Allison vs Erin Carter

Tall and rangy, Erin Carter used her length to take a lead over Allison. The New South Wales boxer swung big right hands. There’s a lot of land between Sydney and Victoria. Hometown fighter Carter took the points win.

Brock Rowley vs Daniel Wen

Bout 6: Brock Rowley vs Daniel Wen

Canberra fighter Rowley was ready to roll. He had an unassuming look but an assuming amount of shots. He landed power on Wen. Wen had grit. It was Rowley who got the points win.

Olivia Kerr vs Brittany ThomasBout 7: Olivia Kerr vs Brittany Thomas

It was southpaw vs orthodox. Thomas landed the left kicks. Kerr showed good form with hard one twos and inside leg kicks. It was a split decision win for Kerr.

Ujjvala Sanmugam vs Daniel Matthews

Bout 8: Ujjvala Sanmugam vs Daniel Matthews

Matthews used southpaw kicks. They worked. Ujjvala was stoic. The bruising was undeniable. Ujjvala’s arm was purple. Matthews won on points and moves up to the Rebellion show.

Gavin Sammit vs Martin Nguyen

Bout 9: Gavin Sammit vs Martin Nguyen

Nguyen and Gavin were two dogs in the pit. They did more than bark. They bit hard on each other. Nguyen ended as the bigger dog. He took the points win.

Ambrose Adelaide vs Jack BennettBout 10: Ambrose Adelaide vs Jack Bennett

Jack was a machine. The steam engine went full power. He powered through Adelaide and landed a high voltage elbow to end the fight.

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