Roots: Simmer Down Results

Roots: Simmer Down Results

It was a great day of MuayThai. Roots 23:Simmer Down was a blast. There were ten bouts highlighting great talent.

You can still catch the livestream here. 

Roots Simmer Down

Bout 1: Jordan Stewart vs Ryan Torrelli at 63.5kg

It was clinch work and short elbows for the opening bout. Stewart from ACSA worked the knees. He banged in the tight elbows. Torrelli’s time was hard. He saw the final bell. The decision went to Stewart.

Bout 2: Jackson Koopmans vs Cam Dunlop at 72.5kg

Tall as a long black on a spring morning, Koopman began the fight fast. He threw jumping elbows at his foe. Dunlop broke out of his bounds in the second. Unshackled he went on the attack. It wasn’t enough though. Koopman was able to cage down a points win.

 Cam Dunlop Muay Thai

Bout 3: Dassakorn Saton vs Mark Standing at 65kg

Saton bashed in the body kicks while Standing lived up to his name. In the second Saton started to clinch up the shorter Standing.  Saton sent in the knees. Standing’s heavy hands were his strengths, and he played to them. He just didn’t play enough. Saton received the points victory. Dassakorn vs Mark Standing

Bout 4: Zac La Sala vs Andoni Uhila at 68kg

It was a repeat for La Sala and Uhila. The two fought as amateurs. As professionals, La Sala took the win once again. He also took home a cut as a trophy. It was an unanimous decision.

Bout 5: Matt Packer vs Brock Rowley at 61kg

Matt Packer was tough as a two dollar sirloin at a truck stop gas station. But Brock, The Rock, Rowley was able to drop him. Packer got up. Rowley continued his southpaw attacks. Left kick. Left hand. Packer pulled out a few spinning attacks to turn the game around. Rowley had it in the bag though. He got the points win.
Matt Packer vs Brock Rowley

 Bout 6: Lola Noiraud vs Nongbee PTJ at 59kg

Noiraud is a Muay Thai Victoria graduate. She showed her knowledge from the amateurs. She used long attacks on Nongbee. The Thai athlete was able to get in the clinch. Nongbee smashed in the knees. She picked up a mouse on the brow for her troubles. She also brought home the points win to Sydney.
Nongbee vs Lola

Bout 7: Ben Killian vs Jesse Scherger at 65kg

Jesse Scherger works as a sparky. The electrician sent lightning strikes to Ben Killian. Killian was defensively sound. He used effective blocks and arm positioning to drag Scherger down. The split points decision went to Ben Killian.

Bout 8: Somsurat Rangkla vs Shuk Yee Ho at 50kg

Coming off a knee injury, Rangkla walked around the ring with ease. Ho lumbered forward. Rangkla responded with a smile and controlling shots. She kept the game and pace in check until the judge’s decision. It went Rangkla’s way.

Somsurat Rangkla vs Shuk Ho

Bout 9: Jason Huynh vs Cale Wild at 56kg

Huynh is a slick customer. Wild made him slip though. The two southpaws spent the fight exchanging heat. It made Huynh mad. It made Wild the victor. Cale Wild vs Jason Huynh

Bout 10: Tome Kokarevski vs Juan Giudici at 72.5kg

Kokarevski is a veteran. He sent in a devastating shot to the leg early. He continued to attack. Giudici walked forward. Kokarevski fired off until Giudici couldn’t walk anymore. Kokarevski got the TKO win in the 1st.

Juan vs Tome

Check out the replay here. 

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