Sam Bielen Wins Anuwat Kaewsamrit Award

Sam Bielen Wins Anuwat Kaewsamrit Award

Belgian athlete Samuel Bielen took the Anuwat Kaewsamrit award back to Thailand.

Anuwat Kaewsamrit was the Iron Hands of Siam. The Muay Mat fighter used his heavy punches to knock out his opponents. Anuwat unified the Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadium titles with his powerful punches.

Anuwat Kaewsamrit award

Beilen showed an excellent Muay Mat style just like Kaewsamrit. The Venum Training Camp fighter took on the tall and tough Carter Lawrance on Rebellion XXVIII.

It was the former Max Muay Thai champion debut in Australia. And he showed excellent form.

 “I'm happy with this fight. It was hard because he was very tall,” Bielend said. “He had very good elbow and my first five round bout. But, I'm happy with this fight.”

 In the second round Lawrance cut Bielen. The cut swelled. The Belgian fighter’s eye swelled. He continued to soldier on. He punched on and tried to puncture Lawrance’s legs.

Samuel Bielen vs Carter Lawrance

 “I couldn't see it with my, my left side,” Bielen said. “It was nothing. I just kept going with the same strategy. Nothing changed.”

 The Muay Mat’s strategy is to hit hard. To go heavy handed then to chop with the leg kicks. It is a classic style against a taller opponent.

“My strategy just changed when my corner told me about the left kick. The left kick was good and he didn’t block on the left side, just on the right. That was the only thing that changed during the fight.”

 Samuel Bielen vs Carter Lawrance

Winning the Anuwat award was a big compliment for Bielen. He is the first recipient of the honor, which comes with a cash bonus.

“Anuwat is a legend and I really appreciate it. I life everything about his style. I try to learn a lot from him,” Bielen said.  “I just want to say thank you to Rebellion. I really enjoyed the travel in Australia and the fight.”

Rebellion is looking forward to more stylish performances like Samuel Bielen’s.

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