The Main Event! Spring Sia vs Thestar Sitchor

The Main Event! Spring Sia vs Thestar Sitchor

Roots: Lively Yourself Up is coming.

 Each Roots show is named after a Bob Marley song. And this don’t be no drag. You’ll lively yourself up with a great line up of bouts.


The Main Event


Spring Sia ready for Roots brought to you by Outlier Promotion

The main bout of the show Spring Sia takes on Thestar Sitchor. Sia is known to the Melbourne Muay Thai scene. A regular on the Roots/Rebellion card, Sia is coming off a bout at the famed Lumpinee stadium. She took on Karaked Commando Drink in a bout that went the distance.

“I think I’ve picked up a few things I’d like to implement in my next fight from fighting Karaked,” Sia said. “Mostly how sturdy she was attacking and defending. And I want that!”

 Sia fought the very technical Duangdaownoi Looksaikongdin on Rebellion 25. Fighting at bantamweight our Aussie took the win. She’s looking to increase her fortitude in this bout on March 4th at the Melbourne Pavillion.

 Thestar is making her first galactic appearance in the Roots solar system. She’s no stranger to Australia and a shining light in Thailand. She battled Zahra Venum Muay Thai in the Rajadamnern World Series women’s tournament. Thestar took Zahra on at flyweight, which is lighter than her upcoming clash with spring.

 Thestar also battled Duangdaonoi’s sister, Aida Looksaikongdin. While lighter than Sia, Thestar is more experienced. She’s fought at Lumpinee, Rajadamnern, and the Channel 8 entertainment shows.

Training out of Pattaya Thailand, she’ll be shooting over to Australia to battle Sia.

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Thestar Sitchor vs Spring Sia at Roots

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