The Rebellion Muay Thai Awards

The Rebellion Muay Thai Awards

Muay Thai is more than violence in the ring. It is an art with grace to it. Rebellion wants to honor that. Beginning with Rebellion Muay Thai XXVIII is giving out awards. Paired with financial bonuses these prizes celebrate the beautiful styles in the sport.

The following awards go out to athletes that exemplify these credentials.

Not every show will have winners for these awards, but every athlete will be eligible if they meet the criteria.

Dieselnoi Award
“The Dieselnoi Award”

Named after the legendary Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn. The lengthy fighter was active in the early 1980s when the sport was picking up steam. He used his trademark knees to pierce through his competition.

Dieselnoi was a Muay Khao, or knee fighter. Muay Khao fighters walk forward, grab their opponents and drive in the attacks. They destroy their opponents with relentless knees. This honor goes to an athlete that best displays that clinch and knee style.

Anuwat Award
“The Anuwat Award”

Anuwat Kaewsamrit was the Iron Hands of Siam. The Muay Mat fighter used his heavy punches to knock out his opponents. Anuwat unified the Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadium titles with his powerful punches.

The Muay Mat fighter uses fists of stone to win. Possessing an iron chin and fists to match they look for the sweet spot ko victory. This honor goes to athletes that embody that.

Samkor Award
“The Samkor Award”

Muay Thai is best known for its powerful kicks. Boxers throw their entire body into their attacks. Multiple Lumpinee Champion, Samkor put his weight into his attacks. The Southpaw racked up over 200 fights with a purse exceeding 200,000 baht. His fearsome kick reached its peak in the late 90s.

Muay Dte fighters, or kickers, know how to wield this weapon. Using superior timing they blast away at their foes. This award goes to boxers that best use their powerful kicks.

Saenchai Award
“The Saenchai Award”

Saenchai is synonymous with Muay Thai. The Isaan native is a tactical and technical genius. His experience is 300+ fights deep. A multiple Lumpinee and WBC Muay Thai award winner, Saenchai won Sports Writer Fighter of the Year twice.

Winning the Saenchai Award is no easy task. It goes to fighters that have the most all around skills. They use these skills to impose their will onto the fight. They create the path to win through superior timing, tactics, and technique.

Samson Isaan Award
“The Samson Isaan Award”

 Muay Thai is a tough sport. The athletes must endure punishment both in the ring and outside of it. Long runs, hard training sessions, and even tougher fights. All eight limbs must be in peak condition to survive.

Samson Isaan excelled with his tenacity and conditioning. The multiple Rajadamnern and Lumpinee winner used his stamina and ferocity to win fights.

This award goes to athletes that share the same fighting spirit, determination, and courage as Samson.

Jordan Coe Award
“The Jordan Coe Award”

Sometimes there are people that just shine. The late Jordan Coe was one of those stars. He had undeniable charisma, showmanship, and ring presence.

Receiving the Jordan Coe Award is to create memories. It is to inspire the crowd with a truly eye catching performance.

Rebellion Muay Thai is excited about the continued legacy of the sport. We honor the past by preserving its future.

Make Muay Thai Beautiful.

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