The Wolf Bites Again – Jordan Godtfredsen Returns To Rebellion Muay Thai

The Wolf Bites Again – Jordan Godtfredsen Returns To Rebellion Muay Thai

Australia is the land of deadly predators. Bullsharks, Brown snakes, Saltwater Crocodiles, all have bites that can kill. But in the ring, there is an animal that shows no mercy, Jordan Godtfredsen.

Jordan Godfredtsen at Rebellion
The Perth based athlete is on the hunt. He prowls into the Rebellion ring on May 27th. And he’s no stranger to the hunting grounds of Melbourne. Godtfredsen stalked down his prey at Rebellion before. He’s bit down on Saemapetch Fairtex, Dennapho Numphontep, Ramesh Habib, and Tum Winner Muay Thai.
He’s shown evolution in his abilities, particularly in his rematch with Ramesh Habib. (watch the replay here)
“A lot of people were saying the only thing that got me all along across the line in the first fight was the clinch. That it was gonna be a completely different fight in the rematch,” Godtfredsen said.

Jordan Godfredtsen vs Ramesh Habib
His mentality switched. He decided to turn it up another notch. In the fourth round, he took Habib’s back. He broke his posture. He landed knees to the head.
“This is Muay Thai. It was the WBC Muay Thai Australian Superlight Weight Title. I want to win with Muay Thai techniques,” Godtfredsen said.
And he did win.

Jordan Godfredtsen win over Ramesh Habib
Godtfredsen is no stranger to accolades. He’s been training since he was 13 years old. His den is Kao Sok Muay Thai in Perth.

The fighter’s hunger continues to grow. But he’s changed his appetite for training.
“In the past we were very old school in our mentality. It was pain is weakness, leaving the body… keep pushing,” Godtfredsen said.
That mindset led to injuries. It was a dog eat dog world. Godtfredsen decided to stop fighting for scraps. He focused on becoming a well rounded athlete.

“I learned about the body and how to fix injuries. Even more so to prevent injuries so you can have a longer experience in the sport,” he said.

Jordan Godfredtsen vs Saemapetch Fairtex
With well over thirty fights to his career, Godtfredsen has battle scars. Yet he still wants to taste blood.
I'm feeling strong. I'm excited, I'm motivated to put on a show, and enjoy these last few years of competition. I know this is a young man's sport. I’m enjoying every moment that I have still left,” he said.
The final moments are on Godtfredsen. He will face a fearsome beast from the famed Venum Muay Thai gym in Pattaya Thailand.

“They're a super strong gym. Apparently, they've got 50 fighters on the mats every night, so they're a big, strong gym. I expect nothing but war from my opponent,” he said.

The war begins on May 27th at Melbourne Pavilion.

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Rebellion 28

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